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Two young men, one rich, one middle class, who are in love with the same woman, become fighter pilots in World War I.

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original title: Wings

genge: Drama,Romance,War,Action


imdb: 6.2

duration: 2h 24min

tags: The Drama of the Skies

budget: $2,000,000

keywords: worldwarone, friendship, militarytraining, 1910s, nationalfilmregistry, pilot, france, epic, gaysubtext, friendshipbetweenmen, malerearnudity, malenudity, drunkenness, airplaneshotdown, crashlanding,

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Two young men fall in love with the same same girl. After the US enters WWI, both join the Air Corps and become aces. They remain friends, but the relation to the girl threatens their friendship. In 1917, Jack Powell is a young man with passion for cars. His next door neighbor is Mary Preston, who is in deep love for him, but Jack does not notice her. Jack indeed loves Sylvia Lewis, but she is in love with the rich David Armstrong. When USA enters in World War I, Jack and David join the Air Force to fight in France and become pals. Mary joins the Women's Motor Corp, trying to be close to Jack. But it is war, and a tragedy happen between the two friends. This movie absolutely blew me away. Having seen and liked Hell's Angels, I didn't know quite what to expect. This is one of the all-time best movies. Superior acting in a WW1 tale, everyone present is spot-on. Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen do a terrific acting job as two friends thrust into the horrors of war. Clara Bow shows why she deserved her star status. The supporting players, particularly Julia Swayne Gordon as Arlen's Mother are wonderful. William Wellman's aerial photography is simply spectacular. And now about the restoration. Paramount and Technicolor have done a fantastic job of bringing this 85 year-old picture to vivid life. The film is crystal clear and the image is rock-steady. The soundtrack is gloriously alive with the beautiful 1927 score augmented by stunning sound effects. The color tints and flame effects are present, but never overpowering. Paramount is to be applauded for giving new life to this early triumph of theirs. An unforgettably great motion picture. Wings was one of the first silent films that I've seen that was not done by Charlie Chaplin. Although I enjoyed this film, the number of inter titles drew me out of the film. What really distinguished Chaplin was his gift for visual story telling. Although a great film, the reliance on inter titles prevents it from aging as well as other silent movies from the era. Perhaps the most cinematically impressive part of this film were the dog fights. The air fights were totally believable, if you were able to look past some of the minor out of date effects. Overall, they added to the visual drama of the film. Definitely a historical piece of art. It's an explosive charge placed at the end of a long, flexible tube used in clearing mines, barbed wire, and other obstructions. In World War I, they were usually 5 foot long threaded pipes and combat engineers were able to keep adding pipe from the relative safety of a trench. The basic design is still in use today.


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